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March 24th 2011

Église St. Jacques d’Embrun selects the Allen MDS 40-S organ.

St. Jacques d’Embrun in Embrun, an eastern Ontario town south of Ottawa, will be taking delivery of their new organ in early April, 2011. The MDS-40S has had two previous western Quebec owners, the first being a church that has since closed and the most recent owner, a private home until the death of the owner which then facilitated an opportunity for St. Jacques to become its third owner. The organ was new in 1992 and has been lovingly cared for since then. It is a magnificent example of the enduring quality of an Allen organ. It is a 45-stop, three-manual instrument with a MIDI and antiphonal division. In its new acoustically alive home, the MDS 40-S will produce sound to fill and support a very large cathedral-like space. The eight speaker cabinets will speak from behind and above the altar where at one time, nuns would attend Mass behind its screened façade. This space is ideal for concealing cabinets without compromising tonal quality.  

Glionna Mansell Corporation President and Artistic Director, Gordon Mansell, states: “I was eager to purchase this instrument from the private owner because I knew that among certain products, one expects consistency and superior quality. I was not disappointed in the least and because of the high production standards that Allen is known for throughout the world, I was able to provide a new home for it almost immediately. The French parish of Église St. Jacques will enjoy many more years of wonderful organ music in support of liturgy, in solo and ensemble performances.” 

Allen organs have earned a reputation with Église St. Jacques and over 500 installations in Ontario. This respect matches the world-wide acknowledgement of Allen quality, service and longevity.

For more information regarding current Allen organ products, please visit the exclusive dealer in Ontario for the Allen Organ Company, or phone Gordon Mansell at 416-769-5224, toll free: 1-877-769-5224.