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July 12th 2014

St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church selects the Rudy Lucente RL-58 organ from Allen’s newest series of Quantum organs

St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church in Oakville, Ontario will be taking delivery of a new organ in November, 2013. The Rudy Lucente RL-58 is a beautifully designed oak console with maple and walnut accents.

Rudy Lucente RL58

This will be the first installation in Canada of Allen’s newly designed 58-stop three manual organ. This magnificent instrument will showcase several unique features that will make it one of the finest examples of the highest quality of digital instruments in Canada. It will include 7 cohesive stop lists easily accessed from an on-board library. This is comparable to having the tonal character of seven different organs within one console. From Baroque and neo-Baroque (Arp Schnitger and Schlicker), English Cathedral and French (Cavaillé-Coll) to American Classic, the organist has unprecedented creative flexibility in accessing a complete palette of tonal colours and pipe-organ sound. Additionally, the church musician has access to an industry leading touch-screen MIDI, the only one specifically designed for organists. The user-friendly Allen VISTA Navigator™ will provide all the universal MIDI sounds plus a further 150 Allen pipe-organ sounds, all of which are customizable. This level of detail and artistic flexibility means that well over 500 years of organ repertoire can be credibly represented and performed on this instrument. With its 38 speaker cabinets, 18 audio channels and exclusive Multi-Point™ audio technology distributed through a MAIN organ, an antiphonal, enChamade and Ancillary division, the St. Cuthbert’s community will enjoy exceptional clarity of every musical nuance the organist wishes to express.

Glionna Mansell Corporation President and Artistic Director, Gordon Mansell also said [that] “…similar to all new Allen organs of this nature that he has installed over the past few years, this organ will set yet another new benchmark for the industry and church organs. However, of more theological use, it will set the stage for providing a wonderfully inspiring and musical experience for the practice of faith for this community.”  

For more information regarding this or any other fine Allen organ product, please visit or You may also phone our President and Artistic Director, Gordon Mansell at, 416-769-5224, toll free: 1-877-769-5224.


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