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January 5th 2011

Allen News from Europe

Glionna Mansell Corporation is thrilled to announce Allen news from Europe. In addition to many stunning installations in venues across Europe, Allen instruments were recently sold to two prominent people in France.

Mr. Jean-Loup Chrétien has purchased a Commemorative Chapel CF-15DK for his home in Paris. Mr. Chrétien is a French astronaut who first flew into space in 1982 on a Russian flight and worked on the Salyut space lab. He flew in 1998 to the Mir space station via the United States Space Shuttle. Mr. Jean-Loup Chrétien’s purchase of an Allen digital organ is made more interesting due to his NASA connection. The introduction of the world’s first digital organ nearly 40 years ago by Allen was to a great extent a bi-product of the American space program.

Further, world-renowned French organist, Dr Naji Hakim, has purchased a three manual Chapel Organ for his residence. Dr. Hakim studied with J. Langlais and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris. He has held organist positions at Basilique du Sacré-Coeur, Paris and l’église de la Trinité, Paris. We all consider this an honor to have such a renowned musician choose an Allen organ. In addition, a large four-manual Allen organ is currently being installed in a very prestigious venue in the United Kingdom. Details about this instrument and its home will be made public shortly.

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