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March 5th 2009

The Light Korean Presbyterian Church - Mississauga. Herald Speakers

The Light Korean Presbeytarian Church picks up Allen Herald™ Speakers for their new church

The Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Rexdale, Ontario, will be taking delivery of eight HR-200 and two HR-50 speakers in April, 2009. The growing and very active faith community is in the final stages of constructing a new and much larger worship and education facility in Mississauga, Ontario, just a few kilometres west of their present location. The sanctuary will seat well over 2000 people. The HR-200 speakers will be nestled high above the altar area while the two smaller HR-50 speakers will serve as monitors for the choir, approximately 40 feet below the main organ speakers. The community selected Allen Herald™ speakers for their superiority in achieving clarity and response for reproducing organ sounds.

Transient response has come to mean the speed of the attack or start-up sounds (the initial "tap" of a cymbal, for example). While this is one part of the "picture," the speaker industry as a whole has ignored the fact that an important element of transient response is the ability to respond to any very fast peak in a sound. These peaks also occur in the "steady state" or sustained portion of the wave and must be reproduced to make authentic sounding instruments - especially reeds, strings, mixtures, and the wind sounds of any flue pipe. Such sounds are garbled by the typical consumer grade "audiophile" speakers used in the digital organ industry.

Allen Organ Company, with its advanced audio technology and the Herald™ series, faithfully recreates these peaks accurately and at the intensity needed for the true "feel" and majesty of the pipe organ.