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June 20th 2011

Glionna Mansell Launches New Campaign

Toronto - Glionna Mansell Corporation launches Profound Quality… seen and unseen, a new ad campaign to highlight some of the product characteristics that have made Allen the most respected organ builder in the world. 

Starting with Profound Quality… seen and unseen a series of ads will set the stage for a progression of short but potent messages. All will showcase specific aspects of Allen’s durability and reliability. These will feature Allen’s consistent and well documented quality in construction and pipe-organ sound. Profound Quality… seen and unseen delivers a 1-2 punch to the competition. There is no other organ builder that can come close to the research and development investment that has resulted in Allen’s industry leadership over the past 72 years and nearly 100,000 successful installations.  Forty years ago, Allen was the first builder to market a digital organ in collaboration with the famed Rockwell Aerospace Engineering Company. The commercialization of Apollo technology was first accomplished in the desk calculator followed simultaneously with the Allen organ. It took the closest competitor 20 more years before they were able to market a digital product. To this day, Allen continues to hold and develop all the most important patents in audio technology that reproduces sound from winded-pipes.

While just looking inside and out of an Allen organ console, Allen has developed an impressive construction processes. North Carolina hardwoods are used for their long-term stability and durability. Industrial-grade amplifiers, shielded wiring and a thoughtful ease of service accessibility are hallmarks of Allen Quality. In hearing an Allen, one will experience the results of careful engineering from accomplished organists who are also expert audio engineers. Allen is the only builder with a parts vault to serve every extant organ that may need service today and in the future. This kind of fierce dedication to quality has won Allen the respect and opportunities to install organs across 5 continents, into the grandest of Cathedrals and the humblest of chapels, from Symphony Hall to Dormitory Hall. This is what Profound Quality… seen and unseen is all about. 

For more information or an opportunity to meet Gordon Mansell, president and artistic director, please contact him through the website: or phone 416-769-5224, toll free: 1-877-769-5224.