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The Sound of a Grand Pipe Organ

The organ in the recordings here is the one at St. Basil’s Church in Toronto. It is Opus 800 installed in 1919 by Casavant Frères and tonally enhanced in 1981 by Alan T. Jackson, Casavant’s Ontario representative. This great organ is a magnificent example of the fine work produced by Casavant. It also indicates the sound investment and longevity of a well-designed instrument.

The links below will take you to recordings of one of three organists performing works of French masters at a May 27, 2005 memorial concert at St. Basil’s church, Toronto. The concert was a gala event honouring the life and works of Victor Togni. In addition to William O’Meara, Gordon D. Mansell and special guest Peter Togni, son of Victor Togni, William Wright performed the Suite Brève by Jean Langlais and In Mystery and Wonder by Dan Locklair. Gordon D. Mansell, resident Organist and Music Director, and producer of the concert performed the works of the composer, Victor Togni. Choral works and Gregorian intonations were sung by the senior choir of St. Michael’s Choir School directed by Brian Rae and Jerzy Chichoki.


William O’Meara - Organist

Toccata - André Fleury (1903 - 1995)
Priere - François Morel (1926 - )
Pastorale - Charles Tournemire (1870 - 1939)
Fête - Jean Langlais (1907 - 1991)

Gordon D. Mansell - Organist
St. Michael’s Choir School - Gregorian Intonations

Five Liturgical Inventions - Victor Togni (1935 - 1965) - bio
(Jesu Dulcis - Verbum Supernum, Ave Maria, Adoro te Devote, Laudate Dominum, Alleluia)

Peter Togni - Organist

Improvisation on a Togni Theme

St. Basil’s Specifications

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