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Business Message

Glionna Mansell Corporation is the exclusive dealer representing the Allen Organ Company in Ontario, Canada. In this capacity, the firm represents excellence in organ building. The Glionna Mansell Corporation is also the producer of ORGANIX CONCERTS, the yearly music festival featuring the organ. The Allen Organ Company is the leader in building digital and digital-pipe organs. We are in a very strong market position in Ontario where more than 45 percent of Canada’s total population live, work and worship. As the leading supplier of organs worldwide, Allen Organ Company offers and supports a range of products that will meet the needs of purchases for the home, educational institutions, concert halls, temples and churches. With close to 100,000 successful installations since its 1939 inception, Allen produces the industry Standard of Excellence. For prospective owners of Allen organs, this level of respect and integral involvement in the world market indicates that there cannot be any illusion in any part of the manufacturing, sale or after-sale relationship. The number of Allen organs that continue to be extant after 30 years with little in the way of maintenance issues, is in itself a testament to the quality of the product. For us in Ontario, it is also very handy to know that every Allen organ is crafted and assembled nearby in the Macungie, Pennsylvania plant by inter-generational organ builders. Continuity creates success and pride in the craft that few manufacturers can ever hope to achieve.    

Allen organs are preferred for their practical and traditional console designs, solid construction and a corporate ethic that pays careful attention to details both inside and out... what one sees and what one does not see. This is the basis of the 2012 awareness campaign we have launched to promote Allen’s Profound Quality… seen and unseen. For more on this campaign you will find an information release under our News and Events tab. In 1971, Allen was the first to develop and market digital organs. It was twenty years later when the closest competitor was able to market their digital instrument. Allen continues to hold all the major patents and is the world innovator in digital-organ and speaker technology. The Multipoint™ audio systems that Allen has developed go far beyond the limits of Stereo imaging and light years beyond the most advanced PA systems built by certain commercial and boutique audio engineering firms. There are no compromises to the delivery of pipe-organ sound. Allen audio engineers, all of whom are musicians have designed and built amplifier and speaker technology that has consistently delivered on the promises of in-field tonal excellence. It is the skill and knowledge of the Glionna Mansell installation team that adds value to each custom installation in construction, electrical and in the on-site note for note, stop by stop voicing.

Glionna Mansell is exceptionally knowledgeable in the sound of pipe organs. The company produces ORGANIX, the yearly month-long music festival that features the majesty and repertoire of the pipe organ. Gordon Mansell, the president and artistic director of the company is himself a performing organist and is music director and organist at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Toronto where he plays a unique Casavant tracker organ. Gordon brings his knowledge of pipe organs and pipe organ sound to the voicing of every organ the company installs.  

While we would like to think that everyone in the market for a new organ should acquire an Allen, we know that this will not happen. We do have strong competitors, each with a good story to tell about themselves and... about us. We may not be the cheapest, nor do we want to be. Our reputation depends on us providing a higher standard of quality for the long term. For those who do select an Allen, they are clearly making a decision based on stewardship principles, quality of pipe-organ sound and for business practicality. Longevity is built into each Allen instrument with a commitment to provide service while maintaining an investment of over one million dollars in stock of parts for every Allen organ built. This is an investment and a long term commitment that no other organ manufacturer can support. In fact, some of the companies we find ourselves competing with have a planned parts obsolescence of just eight years! They also have so few employees that they appear as “fly-by-night” operations that would not be able to support product for the long term. As the fall-out from the recent deterioration in economic health has hurt the "bottom line" of many organ manufacturers, Allen continues to be financially strong and does not carry long term debt. The company has had only two presidents in its history and continues to be family operated. This means that your decision for an Allen organ is a good business decision and one that will pay dividends for many years to come.

Need more reason to buy an Allen over competing offers... ask for references from all in the competition. In doing so, stipulate that you only want to speak to owners who have had their instruments for 30 years or more. Have a look at these instruments. This will give you a truer sense of the longer term quality of any instrument. Ask your present service technician what organs require the most service. Once you compile this information, go to recent installations. Have your organist play the organ or perhaps another competent performer play. Look inside the organ console. See if the wiring is shielded. Inspect the quality of components and whether they are easy to get to for servicing. Is the organ made of North American hardwoods or is it particle board and paper veneers? You might like to know where the components come from. Are they bought off the shelf from a variety of “cheapest” sources or are they made in-house to established long-term standards with quality materials? You might also want to visit the manufacturing facility to see first hand how the organ is built and what portion of that organ is built in the plant. Once you do the due diligence, you will be able to make an informed decision based on the realities of actual service records and overall quality. You will also discover the appropriateness of that instrument for liturgical or concert use. The world-wide reputation of the Allen Organ Company will consistently be one of quality, pipe-organ sound and service.

Should you wish to finance your instrument, we are offering Lease-to-Own through First Maestra Leasing Inc. Just hit the link here or below and it will take you to a website that will explain the benefits of lease-to-own, including no down payments and tax deductibility. Now, owning a quality organ has been made much easier.

Glionna Mansell Corporation and Allen Organ Company are ready to commit reputation and experience to your new organ project.



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