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Legacy to Future

The organ industry is broad, diverse and unique. Its product, dressed in many different styles, has been in the past a pipe organ. More recently, the industry is also producing electronic instruments that more realistically emulate the sound and feel of pipe organs in their cathedral settings. Apart from a few concert halls and private residences around the world, the more common home of an organ tends to be in a Christian church and perhaps a few synagogues. As a musical instrument, the organ appeals to conservative values, traditional music and liturgy. This paper was written in 2005 while its author, Gordon Mansell, was an undergraduate student at the Toronto Faculty of Music, University of Toronto. While some of the content is dated, much can still be considered applicable. Now that the author is the Allen organ dealer for Ontario, the intent of including this paper here is to provide the reader with some industry background and opportunity to become a better informed propective owner of a digital organ... hopefully an Allen organ.